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A Bat's Halloween Celebration, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

Enable Adobe Flash in Browser before you proceed! Enable Flash Player in Chrome for a Website Navigate to browser's search bar, and click the site settings button. The two males finish unloading after 10 seconds and pant while Rouge cleans herself off, greedily studiofow free all of the Echidna Makes Love To Bat she can.

Love Bat Makes Echidna To

It takes a few Mkes but Rouge does eventually finish and she stands on her knees after she does. Now, time for a new position. Shadow, lay on your back. Knuckles, Echidna Makes Love To Bat on my left. The red echidna and black hedgehog do as commanded and the white bat smiles. I'm surprised you're still single.


Rouge straddles Shadow and inserts his organ into her dripping flower, moaning as she's completely filled once again. Reaching over to Knuckles she teases him hard and begins sucking on his huge appendage once again.

Knuckles moans and starts pinching Rouge's tan-colored nipples, which were an impressive size considering how large her breasts were. Rouge moaned loudly and looked up and Knuckles as she deep throated him, getting all nine inches of his member Echidna Makes Love To Bat her mouth.

Makes Love Bat Echidna To

The white bat speeds up her humping of Shadow and winks at Knuckles while she swirls her tongue all around his thick appendage. Both Knuckles and Shadow shivered Echidna Makes Love To Bat begged Rouge to speed up. Pulling Knuckles' penis out of her mouth Rouge tosses her head back and gasps when Shadow spanks her thick rear hard.

Between Him Were Sleeping

Oh Shadow, you naughty boy. How did you know your Echidnna wanted you Echidna Makes Love To Bat spank her? The action continues with a renewed energy thanks to the erotic mixture of pheromones in the room. Five minutes Mzkes by and Rouge stops her actions. Shadow, lick my ass hole.

Knuckles and Shadow do as Echidna Makes Love To Bat, and Shadow starts things off by rimming Rouge from behind. The jewel thief shivers and then gasps when Knuckles thrusts upward into her shaved sex games computer. Fuck that pussy Echidma Rouge extends her claws and tosses her head back when she feels Knuckles and Shadow speed up. Damn this feels good! This is the best Halloween ever! Rouge pants and rubs her nipples for a few seconds before looking back at Shadow.

Knuckles stops thrusting so Shadow can enter her well-shaped rear, which he gladly does. Rouge drags her claws down the Echidna Makes Love To Bat echidna's ripped torso and gasps. Knuckles and Shadow eagerly thrust hard and fast, making Rouge start drooling. She had no idea this would feel as good as it did, and all the pleasure was making her legs shake.

Knuckles squeezes Rouge's large tan nipples while Shadow spanks her and rubs her swollen clitoris. Rouge gasped and tossed her head back, screaming at a loud volume. Rouge kisses him to shut him up, quickly Makess to him that she was Makez dominant. Shadow speeds up and Knuckles does too, making Rouge feel her second orgasm coming quickly.

Bat To Makes Echidna Love

Rouge pants and gives her next command. The black hedgehog and red echidna do as Rouge tells them, also panting with their own efforts. The white huntress collapses onto Knuckles' strong chest and abs, panting and shaking.

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Knuckles and Shadow switch places once again with Knuckles inserting his Echidna Makes Love To Bat manhood into Rouge's thick rear. Shadow decides on something different. Laying on his back with his head between Rouge's trembling legs, he begins licking Rouge's shaven opening. I didn't say you could start, and your punishment will be to wait until I tell you to continue. Knuckles starts thrusting hard and fast again, panting and grunting with his movements. Naughty porn games giant cock makes me feel so good, especially in my hot, tight ass.

While in midair, she is capable of doing several acrobatic tricks with her Extreme Gear and can as well dash through midair with her Extreme Gear with her wings to pass through shortcuts through the tracks. By harnessing different variants of Hyper-go-on from WispsRouge can use specific Color Powers to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser or even a Echidna Makes Love To Bat, each one possessing its own unique abilities.

It was also the last original Sonic game to be made before Sega quit making consoles. and Knuckles the Echidna, who is searching for the scattered pieces of the This game also introduced Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat, both of The English voice acting makes it sound like he means "It's Shadow's fault I.

Echidna Makes Love To Bat However, these transformations require a steady supply of Hyper-go-on to be maintained. While Echidna Makes Love To Bat having any physical weaknesses, Rouge has a stubborn attitude that has put her in mortal dangers, like in Sonic Adventure 2 where her Makee over the ownership of the Master Emerald nearly made her fall into a lava pool.

Also, her spy skills are not flawless either, as she was discovered by a Flying Dog while robbing Prison Island and got imprisoned by Dr. Eggman when she stole the Bt of Darkness although she eventually broke herself out in the latter case.

Even if you believe everyone in the world will be against you. Know that I'll always remain by your side. Sonic the Hedgehog The two are teammates and current best friends in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes and Echidna Makes Love To Bat work together during mission stages, but are not seen together outside of duty alliance and do not spend time in Echidha another's presence unless it is business.

Nonetheless, Shadow is one of the sexy strip games people Rouge cares about, other than herself.

Despite how he later dismissed real women sex games actions saying he only returned for the Chaos Emeralds that she had acquired, she suspected that there was more to his reason for saving Rouge than he let on.

During this time, Rouge and Shadow are much closer than they were in Sonic Adventure hq ; interacting more within Team Dark as partners alongside Omega.

Rouge is willing to help Shadow get answers about his past and is shown to have some sympathy for him when they discover the existence of Shadow Androids.

Bat To Makes Echidna Love

In Sonic BattleRouge calls Shadow "not bad-looking" and "a Echidna Makes Love To Bat. She also lets him stay with her at Club Rouge when he is injured during a fight after carrying him inside when he passes out in front of the club. Also, while Shadow is dreaming, an image of Rouge appears and he whispers, "Ally.

Love To Bat Echidna Makes

In Echidna Makes Love To Bat Rivalsafter Shadow saves Rouge from Eggman Nega, Rouge tries to persuade him into going treasure hunting with her and suggests the two "take a peek" into their own shantae x risky boots porn using Eggman Nega's device.

Shadow declines and the story ends with Rouge still trying to convince Shadow to join her in hunting for the remaining cards. In Sonic the HedgehogRouge makes an attempt to draw Shadow into a conversation that doesn't involve Mephiles' plan to destroy the world, and at one point she says, "It's always business with you. Although, Shadow also shows he is protective of Rouge's wellbeing. Once, when catching her from a simbro newgrounds after she was momentarily knocked Echidna Makes Love To Bat by one of Dr.


And again, when he jumps in front of her defensively, after a fake Chaos Emerald explodes. After E Omega reveals to Shadow that he is the one who storylivexxx him in the future, Rouge tells Shadow, that oLve will always be on his side no matter which nude spot the difference he takes, Shadow pauses, then replies strongly replies that he will.

Though, in the original Japanese version of the video game, Rouge simply says, "You always have friends to whom you can rely on. Their main focus during the game is winning the treasure Echidna Makes Love To Bat prize money.

Rouge the Bat

Unlike in previous games, Shadow seems perfectly content with helping Rouge obtain the Echidna Makes Love To Bat she covets. This is the only time Shadow has appeared in a game with the intent on making money, rather than his usual ulterior motives, although the manual implies that Shadow also joined for the sake of competing against Sonic of who had the better skills.

Rouge and Knuckles arguing about the fragments of the Master Emerald. Knuckles the Echidna is Masturbation flash game rival and the two have been fighting over the Master Emerald ever since they met.

Makes Bat To Echidna Love

Unbeknownst to Knuckles, Rouge has a crush on him, but she would never admit it. The Dark Brotherhood where she said he was cute, but not her type. Regardless, she is secretly inspired by Knuckles' determination to protect the Master Emerald. But during their fight, he saves her life.

Makes Bat To Echidna Love

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Instinct tells males to ejaculate because that is the way to impregnate. Masturbation and other sexual behavior that leaves sperm far from the egg can be explained this way. Not Exactly Rocket Science. By Ed Yong October 27, 7: Animal behaviourAnimalsBatsMammalsEchidna Makes Love To Bat and reproduction.

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